Age Groups

Due to the range of physical development of children, racers are split into several age groups to ensure they are racing against peers. The current age groups, generally split into two year increments for younger racers, are:

  • U8
  • U10
  • U12
  • U14
  • U16
  • U21
  • Seniors
  • Masters

Different races may not cater for all individual age groups, but combine such as the U12 and U14 groups into a single age category.  This may depend on whether the races are of national significance (and therefore “seeded”) or not – this will be apparent in the information provided for entering.  Where you may hear mention of “Bairns” races, this is an older term, usually covering U12 and below age groups. These are also referred to specifically as “Children’s” races.

The age groups are based on year of birth, therefore are on a rolling basis, advancing year-on-year. More specific details of age ranges can be found at GBski or Snowsport Scotland.

For FIS competitions, the age group years start on July 1st and refers to the year of birth: British snow competitions (BASS) follow FIS dates.  FIS competitors must be over 16 to enter FIS races.

British artificial slope competitions (BARTS) also follow FIS, but move the start date back to the beginning of the artificial race season.