How to book

  1. Click on the event you want to sign up for. Then click Select, on the right hand side, to add the event to your basket. If you require more than one ticket (e.g. two children attending a training session), then just adjust the number of tickets required.
  2. Repeat for as many events as you wish to sign up for.
  3. You can view your selections at any time before checking out. When you are happy with everything in your basket, click Book Now.
  4. The booker enters their email address and the booker defines the attendees. If the booker has made previous bookings, you will get a drop down list of attendees to pick from e.g. children and/ or adults.

As a performance ski club with a focus on alpine ski racing, we strongly encourage trainees to sign-up for and attend as many sessions as possible to ensure their continual development and progression, recognising participation at all nominated dates may not be possible. While the Club allows booking of individual sessions within a block to provide some flexibility, it is expected that a minimum of 50% of available sessions are committed to. If less than this amount are committed to, ad-hoc bookings for trainees will only be accepted under exceptional and pre-agreed circumstances e.g. geographical limitations, other commitments to national squads etc. Please contact us for further information.

Closing Dates

For dry mat Wednesday and Friday training sessions at Alford, the closing date for booking training is 18:00hrs on the Tuesday immediately preceding the session. For on-snow training at the Lecht (or elsewhere), the booking deadline is 18:00hrs on the Monday immediately preceding the session.

While late bookings may be accepted beyond this deadline at the committee’s discretion, any such request shall be made by emailing the club secretary for confirmation of availability. Late bookings will be subject to ad-hoc (increased) prices.

For all training sessions where a booking has not been made, we cannot guarantee being able to include attendees who turn up “on the spot”, from both a safety and coach availability perspective. We would therefore strongly discourage attendance where bookings have not been made.

A booking can be cancelled at any time until the booking deadline for that session expires. It is also possible to transfer a booking to a future date, again until the booking deadline for that session expires. Only one transfer is permitted per booking and these must be for a like-for-like session ie a Wednesday booking cannot be transferred to a Sunday session or vice-versa. Transfers cannot be used to re-allocate a booking to another trainee.  Cancellations/ transfer requests must be made by email only: any requests received after the relevant deadline will not be considered.