Entry Criteria

As a race club, our main focus is on developing the performance of young alpine skiers, therefore we do have minimum age and ability criteria for accepting trainees into the club.

Participants must be 6 years of age or over and be able to ski with a minimum of linked snow-plough turns from the top of the slope for dry mat training. For snow training, skiers must be able to ski the Eagle 1 & 2 runs at the Lecht in control and with good snowplough turns. In addition, they must be able to use the Eagle, Osprey and the Grouse Pomas unaided.

Members will be assigned to the most appropriate training group, as decided by the Head Coach, based on both skiing ability and physical maturity. Our progression pathway will enable members to progress through race development training into the performance squad.

We understand that race training may not be for everyone, therefore before joining the club we are happy to invite you for a trial session (free of charge). This is for two reasons, firstly to see if you enjoy the training and club environment, and secondly to assess your ability and ensure we place you into the most suitable training group. The club normally holds its trials days at the start of our autumn dry mat training block (late Aug/early Sept), followed by a second day when commencing our snow training, usually early January of each season. We can also arrange ad-hoc trials on a one-to-one basis when it is not possible to make these days, in consultation with our Head Coach.

No specific preparation or training is needed for a trial, as they are only intended to assess your ability to ensure you are placed in the correct training group. If you don’t meet our minimum requirements, we will be more than happy to provide recommendations on the best possible way to further develop to the required standard.

Please remember that as a club, we have a focus on ski racing, therefore the club expects trainees to enter key Scottish snow and dry mat races.  For nominated race weekends, we provide optional coach support for all of our trainees who enter the races, alongside normal training sessions at Alford, the Lecht or the race location itself as appropriate and logistics allow, for those who are not racing.  Details of costs and dates for race support are shown on the club events calendar.

If you are interested in joining us, you’re welcome to come along and try a session. Just get in touch to arrange it. We look forward to meeting you.