First Aid & Treatment of Injuries Policy

If, in your capacity as a member or coach of Gordon Skiers, a child requires first aid or any form of medical attention whilst in your care, then the following good practice must be followed:

  • All parents/guardians of children under 16 must complete a Gordon Skiers Parental Consent Form before participating in skiing.
  • Coaches should be aware of any pre-existing medical conditions, medicines being taken by participants or existing injuries and treatment required.
  • Where possible, ensure access to medical advice and/or assistance is available.
  • Only those with a current, recognised First Aid qualification should respond to any injuries.
  • Where possible any course of action should be discussed with the child in language that they understand and their permission sought before any action is taken.
  • In more serious cases, assistance must be obtained from a medically qualified professional (e.g. Ski Patrol) as soon as possible.
  • The child’s parents/guardians or carers must be informed of any injury and any action taken as soon as possible, unless it is in the child’s’s interests and on professional advice not to do so.