Sunday 10th Feb, Lecht Training

What a day! The Lecht delivers again…..!

Bluebird skies, well prepped pistes that held up really well…..just what every race club wants! Indeed, we seemed to have the Eagle 2 to ourselves!

While RD1/2 worked hard all over the mountain, they seemed to have most fun over on the Buzzard this afternoon – well done guys, some good skiing happening there!

RD3 stuck to the main side, tackling some rather knarly variables on the Falcon, from all reports! Again, good skiing and great all-mountain skills!

For the squad, it was definitely a day of two half’s! 😊 An open set slalom in the morning, working on lateral separation and hand positioning, followed by a switch to a mini-GS type course for some speed work in the afternoon. Noticeable changes happening to the trainees skiing!

Hope all enjoyed the day and enjoy the rest of the mid-term!

Not many photos yet, I’m afraid: coaching and clicking don’t go hand in hand too easily!