Training Locations

Gordon Skiers have utilised the dry mat at Alford Ski Centre for many years, being their only dry slope training base since the club began.  The slope itself is owned and maintained by Aberdeenshire Council, who have provided fantastic support to the club throughout our history.  The facilities themselves include:

  • 70 meter lubricated Dendix slope with Poma lift
  • a dedicated 30 meter trainer slope with magic carpet lift
  • flood-lit snowsports
  • lounge area with table and chairs, fridge/freezer, kettle, hot water urn and hot plate

While the Alford slope may not be on the scale of Hillend, it has more than proved its worth, especially when combined with the quality of coaching that Gordons can provide, to ensure a very high calibre of trainee is developed.  This is demonstrated with past and present trainees racing for both the GB Alpine and GB Para-Alpine teams, with other members being named in the Scottish Development Squad and full Scottish Alpine team!

When training at the Alford Ski Centre, club volunteers ensure trainees are provided with snacks and drinks during breaks, including home-made soups and occasional bacon rolls for Sunday morning sessions, making sure trainees are at their best during these sessions!  These breaks also allow a great opportunity for the trainees to get together and build a fantastic and supportive team spirit within the club.

Lecht 2090

Gordon Skiers have trained at the Lecht for over 30 years and have become synonymous with the ski area, maintaining very close ties with the Lecht management to support our club development, to the benefit of our trainees and the Lecht themselves.

When skiing at the Lecht, Gordon Skiers have their own facilities, leased from the Lecht and separate from the main base station. Fondly known as ‘The Hut’, it is situated at the top of the car park, close to the Grouse poma tow, providing basic facilities for warming up on cold days, storing limited personal gear for the day and space for lunches.  There is also a microwave, kettle, and urn in the hut for members use. There is a supply of tea, coffee etc, for a small contribution to club funds (an honesty jar is left out).

We also maintain a full store of club equipment at the hut, including slalom gates, flags, a number of snow blades (fun, honest!) and timing gear: this ensures any equipment required for training is readily available on any scheduled weekend or ad-hoc training day.

If you plan to use the hut facility, full membership is required, either as an individual or as a family.  For individual child members, non-member parents are able to utilise the hut when supervising their children at break and lunch times.

The facilities at the hut are relatively basic and space can be limited at the busiest times, however our coaches liaise between themselves to stagger break and lunchtimes for our groups of trainees in order to try to minimise the numbers at any one time.

To support use of The Hut, please ensure the below points are followed:

  • Belongings are not to be left on the tables and chairs, to allow the children proper access to use these during breaks. If there is not room in the hut, please use your car.
  • On arrival, all children should be signed in, with emergency contact details for parent/ guardian entered  also. Please note that for younger children, you will need to collect a bib for them to wear while out skiing (coaches can advise if required). The bib number assigned should be noted against your child’s name on the sign in sheets. (Bibs and sign in sheets are kept in the small office area at the back of the hut.)
  • Training starts at 9am and you are expected to have your children signed in and kitted up with ski pass and everything needed by that time. A radio will be left in the hut for any latecomers to contact the relevant coach (group list will be posted on the wall, each with the nominated coach shown).
  • Please ensure that your child is either supervised for breaks, or is able to access their snacks/lunch themselves if you are not there. You also need to ensure that you are available to assist your children to get ready to go on the hill in the morning and after breaks if they are not able to organise themselves. The coaches need a break too, and are not there to feed and kit-up our children.
  • Children have priority during their breaks to use the facilities, and adults should be considerate of this. They usually work much harder than us!
  • Please ensure any litter is cleared up before you leave, and if you can take a turn at emptying bins or sweeping up some week, that would be much appreciated.
  • Evacuation procedure: in the event that the ski area is closed during the day, coaches will liaise via radio to co-ordinate returning to the hut as soon as possible. Committee members will take responsibility for locking the hut, with members being  required to sign out their children in the event of evacuation.